From Daddy’s Desk: Silence as Punishment

banner for Daddy's Desk discussing silence as punishment

In the second installment of From Daddy’s Desk, I’m talking about form of punishment, usually in long distance relationships, of silence. Yes, I’ve used it in the past – before I knew better – and no, I don’t think it’s effective. There are better ways to instill discipline and change behaviors. Silence as Punishment Takeaways…

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“Tests” in D/s Relationships LB103

Tests in a D/s relationship episode

We’re a little bit ranty this week, but it’s all for a good cause. A new-to-us red flag appears to be submissives being “tested” on their D/s relationship without knowing it, without consenting to it, and without cause. Are there ways to prove yourself to each other in a D/s relationship? Definitely but not the…

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5 Real Ways to Prove Yourself in D/s Relationships

test road signs for people who require tests to prove yourself

Are you a Dominant who believes your submissive has to “prove” their devotion through special tests you set? Or are you a submissive who has been asked to prove yourself with “tests” that make you uncomfortable, hit hard limits, or just don’t seem right? Yeah, you’re not alone. Here’s the thing about D/s and BDSM…ready…

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Can a Handjob Be Kinky?

statue with a fig leaf over his groin before a handjob

Depending on your relationship with penises and handjobs, it might not be something you’ve given a lot of thought to. And if you think of them at all, you might not immediately think of BDSM or kink. I guess the simplest answer to this question is that anything can be kinky, including a handjob. Okay,…

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Equality and Balance in D/s Relationships LB102

episode 102 banner about equality and balance

In episode 102, we’re talking about the idea of equality in a D/s relationship. We each come at this in different, but not opposite ways. Are the people in a D/s relationship equal or should they have balance? Or should it be a combination of both? We don’t claim to have all the answers but…

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