A Bonus Episode About the Wedding!

building a life together after the wedding

In light of the outpouring of love and interest we received – and to get back to normal by Friday’s episode – we decided to publish a special bonus episode all about the wedding. If you come here for the information and to learn something new, episode 106 will be out on Friday. But for…

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Our Origin Story LB105

episode 105 of Loving BDSM

We treated this week’s episode like a big bonus episode – meaning there’s a lot of rambling. At the request of some of our “crickets” and because our wedding is Saturday, October 28, 2017 – here’s our origin story. In this episode: The November livestream schedule is ready for Kinky Fuckery members! Check your email…

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Letting Your Kink Show on Halloween

woman wearing angel wings for Halloween

For as long as we’ve been involved in the lifestyle – since 2012 for me and muuuuuuch longer for John Brownstone – one thing has been true in our community. Halloween is the night when kinksters let it all hang out. The first time I saw it for myself was at the annual Halloween party…

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Drama in the BDSM Community LB104

episode 104 about drama in the BDSM community

This week, in episode 104, we’re addressing a concern that several people have come to us with – what do you do when there’s drama in the BDSM community and it makes you not want to participate? We don’t have a step-by-step list to fix an overly dramatic situation, but we try to provide solutions,…

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How to Deal with Drama in the BDSM Community

lightning bolt as metaphor for drama in BDSM community

The complainer. The troublemaker. The snarky asshole who loves to tear people down – to their face or behind their back. In any group where humans gather, you’ll find these people. When you find them in the BDSM community, it can be extremely disappointing. We’re already on the outside of the mainstream and nearly all…

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