Don’t Yuck On My Yum LB116

episode 116 of Loving BDSM discusses judgement in the kink community

Non-kinksters aren’t the only people who sometimes judge those of us who are kinky or into BDSM. We do it to each other, sometimes without realizing it, and sometimes out of ignorance of what a kink really is. This week, let’s talk about how that hurts us all and how easy it is to do…

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4 Ways to Use Blindfolds In Your BDSM Scene

Woman with head tilted back wearing blindfolds

Blindfolds have become so common that some people don’t even consider them kinky. To some, it’s kind of “kink-light.” But we agree with Molly Moore, over at Kink of the Week, who points out that anything can be kinky if you decide that it is. To prove it – and to provide scene ideas as…

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Showing Kinky Love Issue 4 #SOSS

Share Our Shit Saturday

Since it’s been so long since we participated in Share Our Shit Saturday or SOSS (ugh, and we feel so freaking bad about that!), a little reminder: Huge parts of the internet hate sex/kink/BDSM/relationship blogs and content. They shadowban us on Twitter so new people can’t find us. Thankfully, this hasn’t happened to the Loving…

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Consent in Every Aspect of Life LB115

A different side of consent

Consent is as important as it comes in BDSM and kink. We’ve talked about it before. But with the wider conversation in society right now, we thought it was important to discuss from a slightly different angle. We don’t want to take away from the overall conversation but simply look at one, small corner of…

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Non-Sexual Moments of Consent

Consent is necessary for sexual contact but also in the non-sexual moments in life

[Content warning: We allude to or directly mention sexual assault, violence, and other situations that occur when consent is not given or gained. We do not describe any specific acts. Protect yourself as you need to. If today is not the day you can read this, take care of you first.] Right now, across social…

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