4 Ways Your BDSM Scene Can Accidentally Go Wrong

woman with handcuffs in a bdsm scene

You’ve got the perfect BDSM scene mapped out in your head. Negotiations are done, limits discussed, and expectations set. You know where you’ll be, what your partner will wear, and how this scene will play out. It’s all right there in your mind. Both of you are excited and ready to play. How can anything…

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Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino

book with heart for review of ultimate guide to kink

I’m a big reader – fiction, nonfiction, kinky, not kinky – give me a book, and I’m a happy girl. Starting a kinky book club for the Loving BDSM community wasn’t just for the benefit of members. It was also to give me more excuses to read more books (the truth is revealed). For August,…

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Coasting in Your D/s Relationship LB097

title card for Loving BDSM episode 97 discussing coasting in D/s relationships

In episode 97, we bare our souls a bit to share how we started coasting along in our D/s relationship only to find we’d coasted in separate directions. We caught it in time, but not everyone does. Hopefully, our struggles with not paying enough attention will help someone else help your own D/s relationship. In…

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How to Start Communicating Again and Reset Your D/s Relationship

image of reset counter to help you reset your D/s relationship

Most relationships don’t explode in a blaze of glory because of a single thing. When you see relationship drama unfold on your social media feed, it’s easy to keep watching and be grateful that’s not you It’s almost comforting. You know that’s not your relationship. You and your partner are good. Right? Remember one thing:…

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Do All Submissives Go Commando?

knickers on laundry line asking about going commando

Think of one of the sexiest things you can imagine in D/s. Does it involve a distinct lack of underwear? In public? It does for us, but for other kinksters, going commando is a hard limit. They want to, need to, or have to wear underwear. One day, maybe, we’ll get to a point where…

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