Showing Kinky Love for #SOSS: Issue 1

share our shit saturday issue 1

In my mind “sex blogging” is something very specific – blogging about sex (duh, right?) but on a personal level or an extremely smutty one. I often think of it that way because it’s how I began my own blogging journey in 2012. John Brownstone did, too. We wrote about our own thoughts and feelings,…

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How to Walk Away from a D/s Relationship LB107

podcast episode when you walk away from a D/s relationship

This week we talk about how to handle the end of your D/s relationship when you’re the one choosing to walk away. We don’t spend a lot of time on the reasons why you might end a relationship but we do share our thoughts on different ways to handle and take care of yourself in…

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6 Ideas for Self Care After a D/s Relationship Ends

lotion with heart on leg - image of self care

It doesn’t matter how the relationship ends, if it was something you wanted and hoped would work, you’re going to be upset and need time to deal with your emotions. Whether you walked away from your D/s relationship or your partner left, it’s important to take time for yourself. Let yourself grieve in whatever (healthy)…

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Fantasy vs. Reality: Cut or Torn Clothes

cut or torn clothes as part of kinky fantasy

Some fantasies are steamy and kinky in your head. The reality? Not so much. We all have something we imagine doing that we don’t really want to do or, when we try, doesn’t and can’t match the picture in our head. That’s true of all kinky things. This week, for Kink of the Week, we’ll…

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When a Dominant Says No LB106

episode 106 of Loving BDSM when a Dominant says no

In episode 106, we discuss that moment a Dominant says no – whether for the first time or the 100th. It’s a big responsibility for both partners and requires communication, trust, and honesty – and a lot of integrity from both of you. In this episode: Kinky denial is different than a no meant to…

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