Do You Need a BDSM Mentor?

tarot cards offering guidance like a BDSM mentor

Long story short? Only if you want one. No one needs anything in BDSM other than consent, communication, and trust. The last of those develops once you have the first two. But some newbie kinksters want a mentor. They’re treading on new ground, afraid of making mistakes, and feel like they’d do better with guidance.…

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Showing Kinky Love Volume 5

share our saturday volume 5 where we share kinky love

If you know where to look, you can find all kinds of amazing bloggers sharing their kinky experiences. Thankfully, I know exactly where to look for this Share Our Shit Saturday. This week great bloggers used Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week, and 30 Days of D/s to share their perspective on kink, and I’m…

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Expectations in D/s Relationships LB117

episode 117 banner for Loving BDSM discussing expectations in D/s relationships

Twitter makes us think (yes, you read that right) and this week, it made us think about the expectations we have in new and existing D/s relationships. In this episode: This week’s sponsor is Play, the first ever kink lifestyle brand bringing you Playboxes of kinky fuckery! Use code lovingbdsm and save! Some expectations are…

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What You Should Expect from D/s Relationships

putting a puzzle together in a way you expect

In an interesting (and busy) Twitter conversation recently that asked about expectations and negotiations, it was the expectations part that stuck out to me the most. What can we expect from a future or current partner? Should we expect certain things? How do we deal with our expectations? Every power exchange dynamic – D/s or…

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Make Your Valentine’s Day a Little Kinkier

flaming heart as part of a kinky Valentine's Day

Okay, so we know that not everyone has a partner or wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day (whether you’re with someone or not) but if we can pervert the home improvement store, we can certainly pervert a holiday. No, kinking up a holiday isn’t an original idea…but for some people who see Valentine’s Day as just…

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