On Collars and Collaring LB099

Episode 99 On Collars and Collaring

This week we’re talking about collars and collaring ceremonies. We don’t tell you whether you should have a collar or not, or what type to get. Like everything else we do in kink and BDSM, collars and how people feeling about them exist on a spectrum. In this episode: Our giveaway winner is Rye or…

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6 Different Types of BDSM Collars

picture of chain collars as a type of BDSM collar

Collars are a big topic of discussion in D/s relationships. Some people don’t feel like they’re truly submissive or owned without one. Other people see it as a public (if not understood) expression of their relationship. Like everything we do in BDSM and kink, there is no one right answer. You have to find the…

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The Reality of Squirting

splashing water that relates to orgasms that squirt

Thank you, Molly and Kink of the Week for this week’s topic – squirting. I’m a squirter, and I love talking about it. Hell, I went on a massive tirade a few years ago when a study came out claiming it was urine. Squirting isn’t a kink thing, but like everything else, it can have…

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Video Review: August 2017 KinkCrate Box – Merinthophilia

video reel for Loving BDSM video review on merinthophilia unboxing

John Brownstone and I aren’t just two voices coming through your speakers. We’re also goofballs in front of the camera, too. Our first public YouTube video is all about kinky fuckery (the good kind) thanks to KinkCrate! We’re unboxing the August 2017 delivery and the the theme is merinthophilia. Don’t know what that is? Watch…

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When Good BDSM Scenes Go Bad LB098

header for Loving BDSM episode 98 about good BDSM scenes that go wrong

This week, we’re talking about BDSM scenes again but this time, the focus is on what happens when good BDSM scenes go bad and how to prevent most problems before they happen. In this episode: Check out our Redbubble shop for Loving BDSM merchandise especially if “Coffee is your love language!” Not every BDSM scene…

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