Kneeling and Crawling LB091

Kneeling and Crawling LB091

This week we’re talking about kneeling and crawling, two stereotypical submissive acts that not everyone can do, or even wants to do.

In this episode:

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  • This week’s episode inspired by two topics from Molly Moore’s Kink of the Week
  • Kneeling or crawling can be a powerful submissive act
  • Kneeling and crawling factors into fantasies a lot – thanks to erotica and porn
  • Not everyone can do it and not everyone wants to do it
  • Crawl or kneel if it works in your dynamic but don’t think you’re any less submissive if you can’t or don’t want or any less Dominant if it’s not a turn on for you.
  • We’re out of town for a week so episode 91 and 92 are a bit shorter than usual.
  • This episode has a bonus section but episode 92 won’t. Yes, we’ll miss our crickets, too.

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Kink of the Week: Kneeling

Kink of the Week: Crawling

10 Ideas for Submissives Who Can’t Crawl or Kneel

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