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Long Distance D/s Relationships Part 1: In the Beginning LB083

Long Distance D/s Relationships Part 1

We thought episode 83 would be a discussion about how to handle long distance D/s relationships, but when we realized we spent nearly an hour on communication and figuring out if someone is a good fit for you, it became a two-part episode. We can’t promise we won’t need a third part, though. In this…

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When Your Kink Identity is Discovered LB082

When Your Kink Identity is Discovered LB082

After hyping it up too much and driving at least a few listeners crazy, here’s episode 82 of Loving BDSM. The one where we reveal what the hell happened – but the title probably says it all. *And at one point I tried to do math and said “26 years” and I meant “36 years.”…

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Roles In Your Relationship But Outside of D/s LB081

In episode 81, things are changing for both of us which means we have to re-evaluate how tasks get done around home and work. This week, we talk about the different roles we have as people and how that may or may not affect our kink. In this episode: Sign up for the Loving BDSM…

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Emotional Impact of D/s and Kink

The Emotional Impact of Kink and D/s

Episode 80 started with a question on Twitter: If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self about kink? That started a discussion between us about the emotional impact of figuring out you’re kinky and that you want D/s in some form. You might be surprised but we each had…

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The Importance of Community LB079

The Importance of Community

Back for episode 79, Kayla Lords and John Brownstone discuss the importance of the kinky community. Plus hear more about the new website and the online Loving BDSM community! In this episode: Is the kinky community important? We think so Some people feel like it has to be in real life. Others prefer online communities.…

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