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The Top 10 Episodes of All Time…So Far LB100

episode 100 on Loving BDSM

We’ve finally made it to the 100th episode of Loving BDSM! Woohoooooo!!!! And how the heck did we get here? With a little help from a few good episodes and all our amazing listeners. To celebrate, we’re counting down our top ten episodes of all time (so far). No, we won’t re-do the topics in…

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This is NOT the 100th Episode! LB099a

We refuse to call this the 100th episode. It’s more like 99a or 99 and a half but not the 100th episode. With so many people reaching out to check on us because of Hurricane Irma, we wanted to give everyone an update. The short version: we’re fine. Want to hear us ramble about it…

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On Collars and Collaring LB099

Episode 99 On Collars and Collaring

This week we’re talking about collars and collaring ceremonies. We don’t tell you whether you should have a collar or not, or what type to get. Like everything else we do in kink and BDSM, collars and how people feeling about them exist on a spectrum. In this episode: Our giveaway winner is Rye or…

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When Good BDSM Scenes Go Bad LB098

header for Loving BDSM episode 98 about good BDSM scenes that go wrong

This week, we’re talking about BDSM scenes again but this time, the focus is on what happens when good BDSM scenes go bad and how to prevent most problems before they happen. In this episode: Check out our Redbubble shop for Loving BDSM merchandise especially if “Coffee is your love language!” Not every BDSM scene…

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Coasting in Your D/s Relationship LB097

title card for Loving BDSM episode 97 discussing coasting in D/s relationships

In episode 97, we bare our souls a bit to share how we started coasting along in our D/s relationship only to find we’d coasted in separate directions. We caught it in time, but not everyone does. Hopefully, our struggles with not paying enough attention will help someone else help your own D/s relationship. In…

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