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Having an Attitude of Gratitude in Your D/s Relationship LB108

having an attitude of gratitude in D/s relationships

Thanksgiving is just under a week away, and we’ve personally got a lot to be thankful for – our audience, our friends and family, and each other. Gratitude is necessary in every relationship – and yes, that includes D/s relationships. In this episode: Gratitude is necessary for any relationship. No one should feel taken for…

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How to Walk Away from a D/s Relationship LB107

podcast episode when you walk away from a D/s relationship

This week we talk about how to handle the end of your D/s relationship when you’re the one choosing to walk away. We don’t spend a lot of time on the reasons why you might end a relationship but we do share our thoughts on different ways to handle and take care of yourself in…

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When a Dominant Says No LB106

episode 106 of Loving BDSM when a Dominant says no

In episode 106, we discuss that moment a Dominant says no – whether for the first time or the 100th. It’s a big responsibility for both partners and requires communication, trust, and honesty – and a lot of integrity from both of you. In this episode: Kinky denial is different than a no meant to…

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A Bonus Episode About the Wedding!

building a life together after the wedding

In light of the outpouring of love and interest we received – and to get back to normal by Friday’s episode – we decided to publish a special bonus episode all about the wedding. If you come here for the information and to learn something new, episode 106 will be out on Friday. But for…

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Our Origin Story LB105

episode 105 of Loving BDSM

We treated this week’s episode like a big bonus episode – meaning there’s a lot of rambling. At the request of some of our “crickets” and because our wedding is Saturday, October 28, 2017 – here’s our origin story. In this episode: The November livestream schedule is ready for Kinky Fuckery members! Check your email…

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