Putting a (Cock) Ring On It

Trying Cock Rings

Say cock ring to some people, and they quiver with thoughts of submissives being bound and tortured by all kinds of kinky fuckery – with or without a cock ring. I will admit there was a time I thought the same thing. That was then. Being in D/s is about growth and so many think…

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The 5 Love Languages: Book Review

What language do you speak? Well, mostly, whatever language you grew up with or a combination of multiple languages. What love language do you speak? We have all heard the term “the language of love” yet many of us don’t know how to speak it. Yes, there is a language of love, and we all…

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How Discovering Kink Made Me Feel

In some ways, looking back, I think the spark of kink was always in me. Discovering my kinky side wasn’t a straight line from there to here, and it wasn’t always easy. I got excited watching shows when the heroine was tied up by the bad guy. Later on, handcuffs were something I liked playing with…

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