When Your Kinks Don’t Align

We’ve talked about this in different episodes in the past, but it’s time to give it a standalone episode. Whether in an established power exchange relationship or meeting a new partner, not every kink you have will align with the person you want to get kinky with. What can you do about it? Let’s chat.

In this episode:

  • Special live stream/podcast episode on October 22 at 12pm EDT.
  • We did an episode on compatibility already.
  • Let’s focus on kinks.
  • Ask yourself these questions:
    • Do other kinks align?
    • How important is this particular kink?
    • Do you feel comfortable getting kinky with other people?

Thanks to our shout-out level patrons: Cdc, Chris A., Jessica G., and Mr. Spock

Links from the episode:

Compatibility in D/s Relationships (episode 213)

Friday night (October 16) YouTube Live Stream at 9:30PM EDT (video will not be available after the stream)

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