Dealing with Feelings of Shame

While we don’t get into all the causes for shame in this episode, we also understand that it’s a heavy topic. Feel free to ignore or come back to this one later, if needed. While we thought we were going to talk about shame in a variety of ways, we ended up focusing on body image, sexuality, and kink specifically because of our own experiences with shame.

In this episode:

  • This was suggested in live stream chat recently
  • This isn’t about humiliation kink — we’ve done that topic
  • We’re not going to get into details about where the shame may come from — it’s unlimited and may or may not be about people’s past traumas that are inherently personal.
  • But those feelings of shame we carry around will have an impact on our power exchange.
  • Communication is key, but so is trust. 
  • Time is a big factor in overcoming certain feelings.
  • Sometimes what we need is professional help — therapy isn’t just for someone with a diagnosed mental illness.

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Links from the episode:

Kink Aware Professionals Directory

Friday night (October 2) YouTube Live Stream at 9:30PM EDT (video will not be available after the stream)

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