Letting Hope and Joy Shine In When You Can

This week’s episode was inspired after we went on multiple rants about how much 2020 sucked, and someone said, “Uh, didn’t you buy a house this year? It can’t all suck.” And that’s when it hit me — there’s always hope and joy and positive moments to be found, and sometimes we have to go looking for them to see them. So let’s talk about the importance of finding the positive (when you can!) in life can be on your D/s relationship.

In this episode:

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  • According to science (or actually an internet search), remembering and focusing on the negative is really common. We might be hardwired for it.
  • But the question we’re curious about is why, even in healthy power exchange relationships, we let it happen.
  • You shouldn’t completely ignore the negative — it often means there’s something to work through or deal with.
  • But you shouldn’t forget the positives, either.
  • Sometimes negatives will outweigh the positives, but if they’re not about people behaving badly in relationships, lean into those positives.

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