Feeling Helpless When You Can’t Help Your Partner

Part of being in a D/s relationship means working as a team, helping each other build something together. But sometimes, as individuals, we go through tough times and there’s no easy “fix” for it. We have to get through it, cope with it, and/or find solutions in our own way or over a long period of time. But that doesn’t make it easy to be the partner on the outside who wants to take away the pain, stress, or any other negative emotion. We’ve been there! So let’s talk about it.

In this episode:

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  • Recently we went through a moment when I (Kayla) felt helpless knowing JB was in a rough spot but also knowing there was nothing I could actually do to help aka “fix things.”
  • Then we received a message from a person who said essentially the same thing — they feel helpless to help and don’t know what to do for their partner.
  • We are “fixers” and tend to want to problem solve, but not everyone is like that.
  • These are our feelings and coping strategies. We don’t have any “checklists” to help you get through this kind of moment.

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