Compromise in D/s Relationships

We’ve talked about the importance of compromise before but always as part of other discussions — on teamwork, goal-setting, and disagreements. This week, we give it an episode all its own. Yes, compromise can (and should!) exist in D/s relationships, no matter which slide of the slash you’re on.

In this episode:

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  • It’s dangerous to think a Dominant should always get their own way, no matter what.
  • Compromise means meeting in the middle and is an important part of teamwork. 
  • Think about the outcome you want — not necessarily the method it takes to get there. If you both want the same outcome, focus on that.
  • Submissives have opinions, expertise, and experience. Don’t discount that just because they’re meant to obey or follow a Dominant.
  • There are multiple ways to arrive at a solution and multiple ways to accomplish a task.

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