On Cheering Each Other Up

We use the term “cheering up” but another good word could be “pleasant distraction.” These are the moments when you get your partner to come out of their bad/worried/tense mood for a moment and laugh or remember the good. It’s a huge factor in our relationship, although it’s not about D/s relationships and power exchange. With the state of the world as it is, we thought this might be an interesting topic to explore.

In this episode:

  • Reminder: mini-episode, live stream, Discord
  • Cheering up the other when they’re down
  • That moment of cheer/distraction can help open up communication
  • When distraction/good cheer backfires

Shout-out to patrons: Cdc, Chris A., Sir&her78, Janie K., B, Devoted Cricket, and Jessica G.

Links from the episode:

Friday night (April 24) YouTube Live Stream at 9:30PM EST (video may not be available after the stream)

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