The Impact of COVID-19 on D/s Relationships

It’s still early days for many of us in terms of working from home, social distancing, and the impact of COVID-19 will have on us as individuals and in our D/s relationships. Consider this a starting conversation. If there’s interest, we may talk about this more as time goes on.

In this episode:

  • This week’s episode was requested by one of our proud crickets on Patreon!
  • It’s okay to acknowledge that social distancing, quarantine, working from home, and other social changes impact your D/s relationship
  • We’ll discuss two main D/s relationships — those where both partners live together and are now TOGETHER because of factors beyond their control and couples who wouldn’t have called themselves LDR but effectively are due to quarantine, social distancing, and other factors.
  • Stressors of any kind make the cracks in a D/s relationship more obvious
  • Communication about routines, protocols, rules, etc is absolutely necessary. You need to have honest conversations.
  • It’s okay to let the D/s slide, shift, or change during this time. If taking a break from your normal routine relieves a bit of stress, that’s okay.
  • Consider giving yourselves time to fall into a new/natural routine. When the pressure is off each partner to perform their usual D/s, needs/urges/desires sometimes rise to the surface.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes new forms of structure are needed. This could be a good time to re-visit a yes/no/maybe checklist or try a new kinky thing.
  • Deal with your need for more or less togetherness. Make virtual plans if you’re separated. Plan time alone if you’re “stuck” together all day long.
  • Also, it’s normal and not a sign of a problem that you might not want your kinky partner in your space 24/7. Alone time is meaningful to many of us, especially introverts.
  • Extroverts, lean on your online spaces if your partner is overwhelmed by your need to be engaged and talking a lot.
  • Ultimately, keep the lines of communication open as you navigate this landscape. Hopefully you come out on the other side stronger than before or with more clarity about what your D/s relationship should look like.

Shout-out to our Patrons: Cdc, Chris A., Sir&her78, Janie K., B, Devoted Cricket, and Jessica G.

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