Review: Making Sparks Fly with the Power Tripper

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Ask and ye shall receive…speak your intentions into existence…manifest a kinky destiny. However you want to look at it, the folks at The Stockroom made John Brownstone’s wish come true and sent him more electroplay kinky fuckery to try! This time, it’s the Power Tripper — an accessory to the Neon Wand that helps sparks fly between partners.

For this to make sense, check out our review for the Neon Wand first.

For those who prefer video or audio, scroll to the end of the video review.

About the Power Tripper

In a way, the Power Tripper is a wearable for the Neon Wand (aka a violet wand aka electroplay fuckery). One end attaches to the Neon Wand while the other end presses against the skin of one partner. John Brownstone put his in his waistband. (Yes, he was clothed while I was naked…and yes, we find that very sexy.)

Once the Power Tripper is plugged in and touching the skin, turn on the Neon Wand and turn up the dial to your preferred setting.

Next, run your hand (or other body parts) over your partner’s skin. You don’t need to touch to feel the spark. In fact, the further away you keep your hand, the bigger the jolt (in my experience). And “further away” is a relative term because you do need to be fairly close.

John Brownstone used his hands to create a tingly, tickly sensation. He was slow and gentle, and the only zap came from the intensity of the Neon Wand.

Next up, we intend to try it with oral sex and discover what kind of jolt we get from that!

We didn’t mention this in the video but have since been asked — if you have a heart condition, heart problems, or wear a pacemaker, the Neon Wand and accessories are not recommended! 

How We Played with the Power Tripper

Like we mentioned in our original review of the Neon Wand, electroplay is a stinging sensation, even on a low setting. Since that’s not my favorite thing, we have a better experience when we combine it with other fuckery. In this moment, I was strapped to the bed (using the bondage gear from Stockroom) and spanked until my ass was fire-engine red (and hot!). In between smacks, John Brownstone let his fingers do the walking, alternating between sharp jolts and gentle buzzing. It all made me jump, but I definitely prefer a gentle buzz.

Shop Stockroom

We received the Power Tripper for this review (and the Neon Wand kit) from The Stockroom. They offer an entire line of electroplay toys and accessories to kink up your sensation play.

If you decide to make a purchase, use the coupon code LovingBDSM to save 15 percent! 

Shop the Stockroom

Power Tripper

Neon Wand

Watch our review of the Neon Wand and bondage gear

Watch the Video Review:

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  1. i like tied to st andrew cross and then beat with whip

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