Our Favorite Sex Toys: 2019 Edition

Long time listeners will know this topic right away — we’ve done it every holiday season for the past four years! We’re breaking down our favorites from all the sex toys we’ve tried this year. You’ll get purchase links, coupon codes, and sale information. We also have an honorable mention section for favorites that aren’t actually sex toys. Plus we link to past reviews (so you can decide for yourself) AND past lists, in case you want something different.

  • Disclosure: We are affiliates of many (not all) of the companies we discuss which means if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a little something-something. This helps support the work we do and our coffee addiction.

In this episode:

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  • Woodshed Holiday Event — December 7 in Orlando (3pm to 7pm)
  • Programming note: episode 200 is ask us anything; episode 201 will be a big bonus section. We might answer questions, we might just chat.
  • These are just the toys we love that we tried in 2019. We will link to the past years lists in the show notes.
  • Hot Octopuss (coupon code KALO20 12/4/19 -12/18/19)
    • JETT
    • DiGiT — Amo
    • Solo Essential
  • Pleasure Forge dildos (coupon code LOVINGBDSM for 10 percent off)
  • ElectraStim AXIS and Electro Spanking Paddle
    • Buy at The Stockroom, use code LovingBDSM — 15 percent off
  • Offbeat by Godemiche
  • The Stockroom (coupon code LovingBDSM — 15 percent off)
    • Neon Wand
    • 4 Point Restraint
  • Honorable mentions — things we loved that aren’t sex toys
    • Body jewelry from Why Bee Normal (coupon code LovingBDSM, 15 percent off)
    • Liberator Hipster sex furniture
    • BDSM Contracts (coupon code LovingBDSM — 20 percent)
    • Submissive Reflections by Luna Carruthers 
  • Special mention: Lodbrock at The Stockroom (while supplies last)

Links from the episode:

Woodshed Holiday Event info (on Fetlife)

Hot Octopuss (code KALO20 12/4/19 – 12/18/19)

JETT (code KALO20 12/4/19 – 12/18/19)

Solo Essential (code KALO20 12/4/19 – 12/18/19)

Digit (code KALO20 12/4/19 – 12/18/19)

Amo (code KALO20 12/4/19 – 12/18/19)

Pleasure Forge (code LOVINGBDSM10)

ElectraStim AXIS (code LovingBDSM)

Electro Spanking Paddle (code LovingBDSM)

Offbeat by Godemiche

Neon Wand (code LovingBDSM)

Restraint System (code LovingBDSM)

Why Bee Normal (code LovingBDSM)

Liberator Hipster

BDSM Contracts (code LovingBDSM)

Submissive Reflections

Lodbrock at The Stockroom (code LovingBDSM)

The Stockroom (code LovingBDSM)


Amo Bullet Vibrator Review

Solo Essential Review

Bondage and Neon Wand Review

Liberator Review

Pleasure Forge/Why Bee Normal Review

Submissive Reflections Review

DiGiT Review

ElectraStim Review

JETT Review

Offbeat/Lodbrock Review 

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