Answering Listener Questions: Vanilla vs D/s, Open Relationships, Trust

Happy holidays! We recorded the day before Thanksgiving, and the podcast goes live on Black Friday, so neither of us had the mental space to come up with a deep topic. So we answered questions instead! Now we can feel less guilty about leaving people on unread for so long. (Yeah right — we’ll probably always feel guilty about that.) And, as always, the conversation devolved at the end to a chit-chat about everything and nothing all at once.

For those who celebrate, we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. And we want to thank you all for listening and being a part of our kinky community — from the loud and proud crickets to our quiet lurkers. We appreciate each and every one of you.

In this episode:

  • This week’s episode is sponsored by!
  • We’ll be at the Woodshed Holiday Event on December 7 in Orlando (3pm to 7pm)
  • Kayla can’t count — 200th episode is coming soon
  • I’m in an open marriage with my sub. She plays with another D/s couple. She told me she experienced subspace for the first time. She’s also come home with marks from impact play, things she’s never wanted to try with me. I’m having a lot of trouble with all these “firsts” with another top.
  • I’m very vanilla and I was approached by this dom on tinder and I was wondering if you have any advice for a vanilla interested in trying the lifestyle and see if it’s a good fit?
  • Is there more trust and communication in a D/s relationship than a vanilla and if so why.

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Jealousy in D/s Relationships (podcast episode)

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