He Used the Solo Essential Multiple Times…He Must Like It

Disclosure: We received the Solo Essential from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review. Also, because we adore HO, we’re an affiliate. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission — which supports the work we do and keeps us in coffee.

How do you know John Brownstone likes something? It might be the orgasmic sound he makes when he first tastes a favorite coffee or a genuinely good meal. (Coffee-gasms are a thing.) Sometimes it’s the devilish gleam in his eyes or the way his eyebrows arch just so when he’s both amused and Dom-mode has been activated.

With the Solo Essential, he used it more than a dozen timesin a few days. Which means we now have a new way to know if he likes something, I guess.

Want to know what he really thinks about it (in case masturbating 12 times didn’t tell you enough), check out the video or scroll for more details:

What you need to know about the Solo Essential:

  • Use it while still flaccid. John Brownstone went from start to finish with just the Solo.
  • The settings are simple — low to high. No waves, patterns, or other special vibrations.
  • The buttons are easy to push and cycle through.
  • He enjoyed all the settings — based on his mood at the time.
  • The orgasms were intense.
  • The vibrations are deep and rumbly.
  • While it’s not the quietest sex toy, it’s not super loud either (watch the video above to get an idea of the sound level).
  • He used it without lube (but you can add lube if you prefer).
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The Solo Lux is the more advanced option (he didn’t try this one) and it includes a wrist strap controller.
  • The Solo line is great for anyone with erectile dysfunction or any disability/condition/medication that makes erections and orgasms difficult.
  • You can use it hands-free — once you find the right setting and it’s positioned correctly for you. John Brownstone did.
  • John Brownstone LOOOOOOVES the Solo.

The Solo line is a relaunch of the original Pulse Solo from Hot Octopuss. It’s slightly smaller but features the same technology that we (and many others) know and love. It’s made of hard plastic and soft silicone that feels good against the body.

The Solo now has a place of honor in the nightstand. And we now have a new rating system for John Brownstone’s preferences: “It’s good, but is it a dozen orgasms in a few days level of good?”

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