Independent Submissives: Earning Trust and Navigating D/s Relationships

What it means to be independent is as unique to each of us as what it means to be submissive. But for anyone trying to win the affection, trust, and submission of a person who’s living their life in a fairly independent way, we think there are a few things to keep in mind. This week’s episode comes from a specific question, a comment, and a recent experience in our lives.

In this episode:

  • We’ll be at the Woodshed Holiday Event on December 7 in Orlando (3pm to 7pm)
  • Question from a listener about connecting with a submissive who’s a single mom of three
  • Comment/question received on IG about why JB lets Kayla interrupt him all the time
  • Moments when Kayla antagonizes JB in a joking way. He calls it bratty behavior but that’s not how Kayla sees it.
  • Submissives can be utterly devoted to their Dominant without giving up total autonomy.

Links from the episode:

Woodshed Holiday Event info (on Fetlife)

Going Slow and Having Patience in D/s Relationships (podcast)

Why Dominants Need to Be Consistent (podcast)

Building and Maintaining Trust in a D/s Relationship (podcast)

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