We Tried the Hipster by Liberator…and Loved It

Disclaimer: We received the Hipster in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are also included — this means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission which supports the work we do and our coffee addiction.

John Brownstone and I have learned something about ourselves over the years — our bodies don’t quite work the same way as they once did. Kneeling, bending, twisting — all of these things can cause twinges, pulls, and pain. We’ve been quite fortunate that we’ve been able to easily modify our kinky fuckery and the sex we have. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a little extra help, too.

So when Liberator reached out and asked if we wanted to try one of their products, we jumped at the chance. We chose the Hipster — a curved “shape” as Liberator refers to it — in aubergine. From the moment we opened it until we used it, we were pleasantly surprised.

Discreet Shipping, Small(ish) Box

When the box arrived, it was much smaller than we anticipated, and I almost didn’t know who it was from. How’s that for discretion? Once we opened up the outer box, though, the Liberator logo made it clear, our sex wedge had arrived. It comes vacuum-sealed to save on shipping waste and expense. You open up the wedge, unroll it, and it POPS up into its shape.

Removable, Washable Cover

The aubergine (that’s purple, y’all) cover goes on next. It zips up around the side. The zipper is out of the way and was something I promptly forgot all about. This means when you invariably getting something on your wedge, you can take it off and wash it. Which reminds me…I really need to do that. But also, I never felt the uncomfortable pressure of a zipper on my skin.

The Kinky Fuckery

Okay, that’s all well and good, but what’s it like to use, right?

In a word…different. Good, for sure, but it took us a moment to get used to it.

The Hipster itself is a firm foam, think memory foam. The cover is soft and comfortable. But if you’ve never used something to help hold up your body during sex, you might forget that’s what it’s supposed to do. I did. It took me a while to relax onto it — I kept holding myself up over it, which is uncomfortable and not how you’re supposed to use it.

We went from 69 (with me on top), to cowgirl (again, me on top) to doggy and each time I had to learn how to reposition my body and let the Hipster support my weight.

But when I did, everything was better, easier, and more pleasant.

My favorite was doggy style (which is also my favorite sex position, in general). For once I didn’t get the ache in my lower back from holding the “just right” angle. My knees didn’t bother me. My arms didn’t tremble. I draped myself over the Hipster and John Brownstone took over. It was delightful.

He finished in that position (which never happens) and didn’t feel any ache in his knees or the rest of his body while trying to match my angle.

If you want to read the sexy details of our experience using it, check out this post: Third Time’s the Charm.

The way you can use any Liberator shape, including the Hipster, is limited only by your imagination and the way your body moves. But if you’re not sure where to begin, a page of more than a dozen (heteronormative) diagrams were included.

Shop Liberator

If you find it difficult to maintain certain positions during sex or you’re dealing with body aches and pains, a Liberator shape might be exactly what you need. They’re not cheap, though, so look for a sale (as of the time of publication, they’re running a site wide sale).

Check out the Hipster

Shop the Liberator website

The Hipster doesn’t replace our go-to sexual position — spooning. But we now know we can enjoy doggy style again with a lot more comfort for both of us.

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Watch the Video Review

Of course, if you want to get a few more details — especially about how we used it, check out our video review below.

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