The Problem with Seeing Other D/s Relationships as #RelationshipGoals

There’s not a thing wrong with admiring other kinky relationships. We know quite a few people who we think have great chemistry, and we love being around them. But there are problems when we compare ourselves to other D/s relationships or we think we want to be “just like them.” So let’s talk about it.

In this episode:

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  • We only ever see someone’s highlight reel — at the munch or online. We don’t know the true reality.
  • #RelationshipGoals can lead to comparing our relationship (or lack of) and being disappointed, even when we’re not necessarily unhappy. Or it can make us feel more unhappy than we already do.
  • When a person is part of a couple that’s revered as being awesome, they can find it difficult to talk about problems or even break it off.

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