Crossing Boundaries and Ignoring Consent When Pursuing a Partner

I struggled with what to title this week’s episode. Primarily because I mostly want to say, “UGH, don’t do THESE things! EVER!” But that’s not very descriptive is it? This week’s episode was inspired by a conversation we had with a single friend who’s constantly pursued by people looking for a partner — long-term or a hook-up. They detailed not illegal things but still gross, harmful, and just plain BAD behavior. And so we went on a rant about it and wanted to plant a flag, draw a line in the sand, and say, “This is not okay.”

In this episode:

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  • Turning a pleasant conversation into an “invitation” to send nonconsensual nudes
  • Getting into the other person’s physical space. 
  • Sharing kinky or sexual details they didn’t ask to hear about
  • Not being that way with everyone and creating doubt when someone steps forward
  • Consent isn’t that difficult — just ask before you do something AND listen when someone tells you to stop or doesn’t respond. Not responding isn’t automatically an invitation to keep doing it.

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