Q&A: What’s the Difference Between a Little and a Babygirl?

I identify as a babygirl and often discuss being a little as a spectrum. Though I use the term “babygirl” for myself I believe it applies to baby boys, too. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, and someone likely disagrees with me on this, but let’s dig into this question anyway.

What’s the difference between a babygirl and a little?

Remember, this is just my opinion, and you can define the differences however you’d like.

To me, littles are a subset of submission. But being a “little” does not mean that’s all of who you are, though. You can be both a submissive who serves a partner and a little who needs or wants to be taken care of by your Caregiver/Dominant partner. Ultimately, both submissive dynamics cede control to a dominant partner in some way.

But all “littles” exist on a spectrum which means that the activities we do, our personalities, and way we express ourselves are infinite and unique to the individual.

In the broadest since, babygirl/baby boy is on one end of the spectrum where we act younger than our chronological age but don’t necessarily identity with any specific age. Personally I enjoy certain “kid” things like animated/Disney movies, some stuffed animals, and earning gold stars.

At the other end of the “little” spectrum are people who identify very strongly with a specific age and inhabit the personality/characteristics of that age, including (but not limited to) diapers, sippy cups, or whatever is appropriate for their “little space” age. Some may feel very young while others feel more like a teenager, so the particular items and activities they associate with vary. And some littles only identify with an age range while others can pinpoint an exact number.

Anyone can fit on that spectrum from one end to the next with a lot of variation.

For me, being a babygirl is a softer, more child-like, less cynical view of the world. When I’m happy, it means I squeal and giggle and dance around. When I’m unhappy, I may pout or cry or stomp my feet (just ask John Brownstone). Whining occurs…often. Because I’m definitely not acting like the nearly 40-year-old person that I am, I consider my babygirl side as part of the little spectrum.

Within that spectrum are people who specifically want to be part of a Caregiver/little dynamic as a relationship style. Others may be Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers. It’s completely possible to enjoy both. All are valid as long as it’s consensual.

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