The Power of Laughter and Humor in D/s Relationships

Listen to one podcast episode (or watch a video), and you know that John Brownstone and I laugh a LOT. Part of it has to do with being happy, but part of it is a mindset about the place humor has in our life and our D/s relationship.

In this episode:

  • Anniversary giveaway open — runs through the end of August
  • We laugh a lot around here — if you can’t tell.
  • Many people think of BDSM and D/s as a Very Serious Thing. And it is and can be — especially in terms of safety and consent.
  • But finding a reason to laugh — at times — can be good for you and the relationship.
  • Laughter and humor diffuses tension.
  • It helps you keep perspective on what’s important.
  • Having a sense of humor doesn’t mean that you don’t get upset or feel stressed, but it can help you move forward through a problem, too.
  • Timing is everything. An ill-timed joke or not taking a problem seriously can cause problems between you and your partner.

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