Forgiveness in D/s Relationships

Forgiveness is a big topic and a sticky one. There are no right answers about when or if you should forgive a partner or whether a relationship can be saved. But one thing is true…we all make mistakes, and we all need to own them. It’s up to our partner to decide if they can forgive the mistake, but it’s up to us not to repeat the pattern that leads to that moment. If you’ve ever been faced with a problem and wondered if you could or should forgive your Dominant or submissive, hopefully this helps.

In this episode:

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  • Forgiveness is a BIG topic.
  • There’s no requirement that you forgive every transgression and some problems may be too big for forgiveness. 
  • Even if you forgive, you may never forget. Only you can decide when, how, or why you’ll forgive a wrongdoing.
  • Mistakes will happen in D/s — apologize and change your behavior if you want to earn forgiveness.
  • Forgive yourself when you screw up — and you will.
  • Beware of forgiving too often.

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