Video Series: 5 Things You Need to Know About Spankings, Orgasm Control, and Munches

Even though we took a hiatus to move and we had a lot of vlogs and sex toy reviews, we’ve continued our 5 Things You Need to Know Series, too. For quick primers on big BDSM topics, check out the latest videos on spankings, orgasm control, and munches.


Links to more information:

How to Take a Bare-Handed Spanking to a New Level (blog)
Spankings (podcast)
Sadism and Masochism (podcast)

Orgasm Control

Links to more information:

Orgasm Control in D/s Relationships (podcast)
Mutual Masturbation as Part of Our Sex Life (blog post)
Phone Sex in Long Distance Relationships (blog post)
Handjobs and Kink (blog post)


Links to more information:

The Dos and Don’ts of Going to a Munch (blog post)
7 Things to Consider When Meeting People in the Kink Community (blog post)
The Importance of Community (podcast)
5 Reasons to Join a Kinky Community (blog post)

Feel free to use these videos as conversation starters with your partner, your own local kinky community, or a kinky friend. Hour-long topics can be intimidating to newcomers, so we make these videos to highlight the most important points (in our opinion) of any given topic. But for people who want to explore more, we also have other resources so you can dive deeper and learn more.

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