Review: ElectraStim AXIS and ElectraPaddle

In 2018, we had our first ElectraStim demo during Eroticon. We each held a small sex toy hooked up to the stimulation unit (imagine a fancy TENS unit). Then we were told to touch each other or kiss. The jolt from the connection being made between us felt good. Really good.

That wasn’t our first experience with electro play. We’d used John Brownstone’s TENS unit a few times and loved it. But this was the first time we’d considered it with sex toys. We were definitely intrigued.

Fast forward to Eroticon 2019. During Kink Lab (a fun exhibition of different kinky things) we headed straight for the ElectraStim table. (ElectraStim is also a sponsor of Eroticon.) We wanted to see what else we could try during the demo.

Their newest stimulation unit is the AXIS, and the toy on the table that caught my attention was the ElectraPaddle. Y’all know how I feel about impact play! One demo with a quick smack on my forearm and a bit of electricity, and I was hooked.

ElectraStim generously sent us the AXIS and the beloved paddle to try and review. Below is our video discussing what we loved about it and why I have a love/hate relationship with it. In fact, as I mention in the video, I have some shopping to do over at the ElectraStim site because we need more electro stimulation in our life!

From the video:

  • Electro play doesn’t have to be painful, unless you want it to be. It’s simply another form of sensation play — a very intense one.
  • John Brownstone demonstrates how a connection is made using the ElectraPads (included with the AXIS).
  • The AXIS is an investment piece. If you’ve never tried electro play before, get a demo or borrow a TENS unit first, Make sure you enjoy the sensation before you buy.
  • You can control the AXIS using the buttons, your voice, hand gestures, and music!
  • If you don’t have the budget for the AXIS, there are other stimulation units available for less.
  • The paddle is quite stinging (which I hate) but the electricity is deep and powerful (which I love). You can see how I have a love/hate relationship with it, right?
  • We used a cheap water-based lube (which you need for the paddle) but we plan to try the Electro Stimulation Conductive Gel from ElectraStim to see if we get different results.
  • This is now a definite favorite of ours and will live in the toy bag with our other beloved kinky toys.
  • I fully intend to go shopping for cock rings on the ElectraStim site as soon as possible!

Shop ElectraStim to learn more about their products and electro play.

View the ElectraStim AXIS

Check out the ElectraPaddle

Read our experience with it on my very NSFW site (with pictures of my butt): One of the Best Spankings I’ve Ever Had


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