A Random Episode

This week, we have no topic to discuss because, to be honest, we’re freaking exhausted. So we turned on the mics and started talking. We did have a few things we wanted to touch on, but (hopefully) this one makes for easy listening because we flit from topic to topic.

In this episode:

  • The Butters is our sponsor! Use code “kayla” to save five percent off your purchase.
  • Q&A next week — Follow us on social to ask your questions!
  • Daddy porn is really popular, apparently
  • A few posts Kayla’s written — how to feel submissive and why I’m okay with JB going on dates
  • Masturbation Month — giveaway!
  • The Move

Links from the show:

Shop the Butters (use code kayla and save 5 percent!)

Retailers that carry the Butters

Masturbation Monday Giveaway

Maxim article on Daddy porn

One of the Best Spankings I Ever Had (blog post by Kayla Lords)

Why I’m Okay with Consensual Non-Monogamy in Our D/s Relationship (blog post by Kayla Lords)

How to Feel More Submissive

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