The Importance of Teamwork in D/s Relationships

John Brownstone and I work together all the time, and we consider ourselves a really good team. That has never been more evident since we began the moving process. Any relationship should be seen as a team effort, even if it’s casual or short-term. Ultimately, both of you have your needs to be met, but you should also have a common goal. So that’s what we’re talking about this week.

In this episode:

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  • Every aspect of D/s can be viewed through the lens of teamwork.
  • You each have your role to play
  • You may be doing different things but you should both want the same (basic) outcome — even as there are things you’d like to achieve as an individual
  • Everyone has to pull their weight, but sometimes one team member carries the other for a bit
  • Teamwork requires communication and trust — both of which can/should build over time.
  • If you’re at odds in your D/s relationship but really want it to work, make sure you’re both working towards the same goal.

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