Bonus Podcast: Eroticon 2019

FINALLY, finally, FINALLY we sat down to record a bonus podcast all about Eroticon 2019. After not doing it in 2018 (so much drama there), we couldn’t skip it this year, too. But we’re a month late, so our memories are now fuzzy. If we got something out of order or we said a name wrong, we’re SO sorry. It was also very late at night when we recorded and poor John Brownstone was clearly exhausted.

Bottomline, we had an amazing time, and although we likely won’t be able to go in 2020 (I’m trying not to cry about it), we love it, believe in it, and think it’s worth every penny.

No bullet points for this episode, but lots of links! And we’re positive we forgot to mention people. It was a whirlwind weekend, but we were delighted to meet and talk with everyone we did.

Links of the amazing bloggers we saw, met, and talked to:

London Vlog

Not at all in the order we mentioned everyone:

Molly MooreMichael Knight aka DomSignsCara Thereon

Marie RebelleMaster T

Andrew and Pixie of KinkCraft

EL Byrne

Brigit Delaney

Hyacinth Jones

sub-Beesub-Bee Keeper

Girl on the Net

Tabitha Rayne

Victoria Blisse

Hot Octopuss


Hannah Witton

Amy Norton

Quinn Rhodes

Julie of Masters Pleasing Bitch

Little Switch Bitch

Le MaitreKurvy Kinkster

Jaime Mortimer

The Barefoot Sub

Bears Little CubHairy Dom

Floss and Bakji of Proud to Be Kinky


Posy Churchgate

Toy for Sir

Bianca of Helen’s Toy Box

EroticonEroticon Sponsors

Our sincere apologies to anyone we forgot to mention! 

Links from the show:

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