Anger in D/s Relationships

Content warning: we very briefly touch on anger in abusive situations and the way that anger can trigger negative reactions in ourselves. If today isn’t the day for you to hear about that, skip this one. We’ll be here when you’re ready to listen or watch.

This week, we’re talking about anger in D/s relationships. Since anger is a universal emotion and impacts all relationships, not just D/s, we definitely veer away the kinky stuff from time to time. No single solution works for everyone, and we’re all impacted by anger in different ways — but understanding our own anger and figuring out how to handle it better can help us having lasting D/s relationships.

In this episode:

  • New kinky shirts — major shout-out to Ignixia and her teespring shop. She makes the designs, and there’s something for EVERYONE. Check out the link in the shownotes.
  • 30 Days of D/s news
  • Anger is a natural feeling. It’s what you do when you’re angry that matters.
  • Submissives shouldn’t think they’re not allowed to be upset or angry.
  • Dominants need to be mindful of their anger.
  • Both sides can cause serious problems when they hold onto anger or lose control of it.

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Adrenalize LLC — Ignixia’s Teespring shop where we bought our kinky shirts

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