30 Days of D/s Updates for Bloggers and Kinksters

You want to know what’s great about a community (kink or otherwise)? Good ideas can spread and take hold. That happened recently with the sex and kink blogging community and our free 30 Days of D/s program.

While we’ve always encouraged writers to use the program for their blog, that idea went full steam ahead recently. This prompted us to create a place where bloggers can share their posts and kinksters can find new people to follow and read. Here’s what that means.

What is 30 Days of D/s?

The biggest question we often get is, “Where do I start?” BDSM and D/s are extremely broad topics, so that feeling is common. It happens when you’re new to kink or even just in a new relationship. And it happens when you’ve taken a break in an existing relationship.

30 Days of D/s is a free email program we designed to help kinksters, at all levels, talk about many of those topics in a way that’s (hopefully) less overwhelming. Each day, for 30 days, you receive an email with a topic and a list of links to blog posts and podcast episodes on the topic. The links are to help you think about the topic if it’s completely new to you. These aren’t all the possible topics to think about, but they’re a good beginning.

You can use these as prompts for a journal, a conversation with a partner, or blog posts. We’ve even had someone ask if they can use the topics for their local munch and kink group meetings. (The answer is absolutely!)

Don’t want to give out your email address or deal with an email a day? We offer a 30 Days of D/s workbook that you can purchase and go through the program at your own pace.

30 Days of D/s for Bloggers

We’ve had this program out since 2017 or so, and we’ve always encouraged blogger participation. But now we’re taking it to a new level. After a renewed enthusiasm for 30 Days of D/s as blog prompts, we’ve created a page for bloggers. This is a place for bloggers to link your 30 Days of D/s posts so that everyone can share and learn different perspectives on D/s.

As a blogger, we encourage you to read about it and the rules and link up. We also hope that you’ll visit your fellow bloggers and read about their experiences as well. You may find new perspectives or get some ideas for the future.

30 Days of D/s for Kinksters

The idea behind the email program itself is to help you think about these topics in more detail. You can use the page of bloggers as another way to think about them, too. Check out the page (link below) and read through some of the bloggers sites. This may help you see these topics in a new light, and it may even help you grow your kinky community.

We never think we should be the only resource on BDSM and D/s. The topic is much too big and the possible perspectives are infinite. Use the page to read more real-life experiences and expand your horizons.

Have you completed the 30 Days of D/s program, don’t have a blog, but want to share your perspective? We’d be happy to host you for a guest blog post about what you learned or how you’ve grown as a kinkster by doing 30 Days of D/s. Contact us to find out how you can do that.

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