What One Dominant Thinks About

This week, we took topic ideas from our kinky patrons on Patreon, and several asked questions about what Dominants are thinking about at different times. Since we can’t speak for all Dominants, we decided to share what a single, specific Dominant is thinking — this episode is a peek in John Brownstone’s head.

In this episode:

  • Help support a BDSM dating app on Indiegogo — you could get a paddle made by John Brownstone as a perk!
  • We’re wearing new kinky shirts designed by fellow kinkster, Ignixia. Check out her Teespring shop to see everything!
  • Thank you Eva Grey, Tyeme Ravenswood, and Rax Leanne for today’s topic.
  • What does a Dominant think about in a typical day?
  • What is a Dominant thinking about during D/s stuff?
  • Do Doms just come up with ideas for what to do with/to their sub or do they have resources?

Links from the show:

BDSM dating app by Play on Indiegogo — at the $40 level, you get a wooden paddle made by John Brownstone

Adrenalize LLC — Ignixia’s Teespring shop where we bought our kinky shirts

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