This is Why You Need a Community

Things got wiiiiiiiild when we came back from London, so of course we’re going to talk about it. You may one day be shamed or judged for your kinks or the things you’re into. If that day comes, this is when the community you make for yourself will be what gets you through.

In this episode:

  • The Butters is having a sale!
  • Help support a BDSM dating app on Indiegogo — you could get a paddle made by John Brownstone as a perk!
  • We came back from London to family drama where we’ve been rejected by a family member for what we do.
  • If not for our kinky community, we might have felt lost and alone.
  • Online or in-person, having a place to be yourself matters.
  • It takes time to build a community, and you don’t need 100s of people in it. You just new a few people who genuinely care about you.

Links from the show:

Shop the Butters sale! Use code “kayla” to save 5% (affiliate)

BDSM dating app by Play on Indiegogo — at the $40 level, you get a wooden paddle made by John Brownstone

5 Reasons Why Your Kinky Community is So Important (blog post)

Roles In Your Relationship but Outside D/s (podcast episode 81)

When Your Kink Identity is Discovered (podcast episode 82)

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