Video Series: 5 Things You Need to Know

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Lean in close for this one….

We (okay, I) talk a lot. Shocking, right?!

All kidding aside, we specialize in long conversations, and we enjoy them.

We have thoughts, and I ramble, and most topics about BDSM and D/s aren’t always simple. If you know us and like us, long conversations aren’t so bad. But what if you just met us and thought, “Get to the point, will you?”

I mean, I get it. I think the same thing about myself all the time.

Because we know some people need what John Brownstone calls the Cliff’s Notes version when they’re learning, we’ve started a new video series on our YouTube channel called 5 Things You Need to Know.

Each week, we explore a topic about BDSM or D/s and share the top 5 things we think you need to know. We also offer up plenty of other content from podcasts to blog posts so people can dig in deeper in the video description. But for someone who needs a refresher or just wants some basic info, this gets them started in what we hope is a safe, thoughtful way.

If you’re a regular watcher of YouTube videos, you can subscribe to our channel or go check out the full 5 Things You Need to Know playlist. Or take a look at the videos we’ve done so far.

On Dominance

Links to more information:

Feeling Confident as a Dominant (video)
Supporting Your Dominant in Tough Times (video)
There’s More Than One Way to Be Dominant (podcast)
What Kind of Dominant Do You Want to Be? (blog post)
7 Things Good Dominants Do (blog post)
Why Consistency Matters (video)
13 Things New Dominants Need to Know (blog post)

On Submission

Links to more information:

9 Different Types of Submission (blog post)
3 Things I’ve Learned as a Sexual Submissive (blog post)
Service Submission (video)
Understanding Sexual Submission (video)
6 Ways to Feel Submissive When You’re Single (blog post)
Red Flags and Submissives (podcast)
Myths Submissives Believe About Themselves (blog post)
How to Handle Multiple Roles as a Submissive (podcast)

On Subspace

Links to more information:

Talking about Subspace (video)
6 Reactions You Might Experience in a BDSM Scene (blog post)
Dealing with Drop for Subs and Doms (podcast)
Aftercare (podcast)
The Surprising Psychology of BDSM (section 4 talks about altered states)

On Aftercare

Links to more information:

Aftercare (podcast)
Aftercare: Finding What Works for You (blog post)
Dom Drop and Aftercare (podcast)

This is just the beginning, and we’ve got a LOT of topics lined up. It’s a fun challenge to see if we can be concise, and we’ve heard from other kinksters that it’s been helpful for newbies and as a refresher for those with experience.

Also, our editing skills are improving but still need work and the next thing on our long list of goals is a new camera. But even knowing all of that, we’re having fun and (hopefully) helping more kinksters in new ways.

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