Understanding Sexual Submission

Sexual submission is a huge part of our D/s relationship. While we know sex isn’t part of every power exchange, for many people, it’s central to it. It’s unique to all of us, but there are things we’ve learned about this part of our D/s over the years, especially recently as we’ve decided to focus more on our sex life.

In this podcast:

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  • Not every submissive is sexually submissive. It’s another “type” of submission, and it’s not universal.
  • Many newbies think it’s an automatic part of submission — and it’s not.
  • Because we’re all unique, we can only speak from our perspective. This is what sexual submission is for us.
  • Kayla has been this way her entire sexual life — which made for a few problems when a partner wasn’t willing or able to lead.
  • Kayla wants to do what John Brownstone wants but she has her own needs.
  • Kayla is sexually available “at all times” with plenty of caveats.
  • Communication is just as vital — if not more so — but for some of us it can be very difficult.
  • Not wanting what’s happening during sex isn’t a rejection of your partner. Sexual submissives can (and should!) have preferences and things they want to explore.
  • Dominants still need to check in and make sure they have consent during sex, regardless of how submissive a partner is or what you’ve negotiated in the past.

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  1. February 12, 2020

    […] a sexual submissive, that’s…awkward, at best. As a submissive who wants to please John Brownstone, it can […]

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