Exploring Kink Through Audio Role Play

I’d heard of ASMR Boyfriend Role Play a while ago, but brushed it off as one of those “weird corner of the internet” things, despite its popular following. But this summer, curiosity got the better of me.

At the beginning of this year, I experienced a mental breakdown due to severe anxiety. As a result, I began experiencing broken sleep and not getting my full seven to nine hours. I didn’t want to go down the route of sleeping tablets, so to help me sleep plus with general anxiety, I turned to an old self-care favorite: ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response. It relaxes me enough to drift off, also to get back to sleep if I wake up in the night, which has helped tremendously.

Romance ASMR

After a few months of becoming comatose by fluffy microphones, binaural beats and Bob Ross’ painting videos, one night it just wasn’t doing the trick. So there I was tucked up in bed, trying and failing to zone out, when the thought of Romance ASMR popped into my head.

At the time, I’d been listening to a lot of Romance audio books as it was easier to still read on the go. That got me thinking. Two of my favorite things, romance fiction and ASMR…merged together? My curiosity piquing, I typed in “ASMR Boyfriend Role Play” to finally see what all the fuss was about.

My YouTube results were flooded by entire communities of voice actors, producing a myriad of role play audios from comforting anxiety, sleep aids to medieval folklore, all of which where the listener is immersed in the story. It’s like you’re listening to, say, Pride and Prejudice, but Mr. Bingley is talking to you as if you were Jane.

After listening to a few I stumbled across an actor, whom is popular in the audio role play world and has now become one of my favorites. I found a sleeping aid along with SFW romantic audios, many of which were recorded with 3D microphones, so I decided to tune in. He had the most wonderful, soothing voice and within ten minutes, I was out like a light. Perfect!


Some of these fantastic, anonymous content creators I found myself listening to, also produce NSFW adult content on their Patreon pages, as it goes against YouTube’s terms of service. I write erotic fiction and thoroughly enjoy it as a reader, and my curiosity perked up again. What is audio erotica actually like?

So as a birthday treat, I pledged patronage to the man with the 3D microphones and listened to my first audio erotica. Two audios in and I needed a lie down! They were produced brilliantly! Like writing and reading erotica, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it as well. But to my surprise, erotic audio role play has served an unexpected purpose for me.

Exploring Kinks with ASMR

I’ve been exploring kink with my long-term partner for a little while now. We’ve had many a conversation and experimented with light BDSM play when the mood strikes. I’ve routinely documented on my blog, snippets of mine and my partner’s escapades exploring different kinks, from spanking to anal sex.

Like any couple, each party has their limits of what they’re comfortable trying, vanilla or kinky. Certain kinks I’ve been curious about go beyond his limits, and vice versa, which we wholeheartedly respect. He’d be the first to say that in many ways, I’m kinkier than he is! He knows about my listening and is very accepting of it. While some in kinky communities may encourage exploration with someone else, that is a hard limit for both me and him.

Through tuning in to these audios, I’ve been able to explore kinks I’ve been curious about, without it breaching my partner’s limits and in the safety and comfort of my own home. If something turns out not to be my kink or would have me calling red, my safe word is simply the stop button.

An Online Community

The few voice actors I am able to be patron to, actively provide a safe and respectful space for many women and men alike to be part of an online community, provide comfort for anxiety and body image etc. as well as explore sexuality through audio role play. There is banter and feedback, but if a line is crossed, it is rightly dealt with. Treat the actors and other listeners how you would want to be treated.

While there is a stereotype that it is a seedy backstreet of the internet, these actors and their listeners have a respectful, positive community which I’m happy to be a part of. Like any community there is good and bad, so what I will say, is listen to voice actors who have a large listener base and a good reputation.

As a result, I’ve grown in sexual confidence, positive body image, explored and still continue to explore, as well as zone out to some fantastic immersive audios, both SFW and NSFW. I’ve found it to help me “get in the zone” when writing stories and by some miracle, get a decent night’s sleep!

About Violet Grey

Violet Grey is an erotica author and blogger. Her content covers personal explorations into kink and BDSM as a newbie, sexuality, gender, and more. She also writes erotic short stories and free verse poetry. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter!

Violet Grey

Violet Grey is an erotica author and blogger. Her content covers personal explorations into kink and BDSM as a newbie, sexuality, gender, and more. She also writes erotic short stories and free verse poetry.

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