How Mental Health Impacts Our D/s Relationship

This week’s episode isn’t a new topic — mental health and BDSM is something we talk about all the time. But this time, we’re going to take a deep dive into our specific D/s relationship and how mental health impacts us both. We are not mental health or medical professionals, and we don’t/can’t/won’t give advice on what anyone else should do for their mental health.

In this episode:

  • Enter the Lodbrock Giveaway
  • We’ll be at the Woodshed’s Shopping Extravaganza in Orlando on December 1
  • This week was a rough week.
  • Kayla’s mental health — generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and bipolar disorder — comes in cycles or waves.
  • Getting help — professionally and from your partner
  • Being realistic within your D/s dynamic
  • Finding what works for you and your partner

Links from the show:

November 2018 Giveaway — Enter now!

Woodshed Shopping Extravaganza — details for December 1 event

Is BDSM Good for Your Mental Health (podcast episode 77)

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4 Responses

  1. Jay Feather says:

    You’re wrong about this episode not being helpful for anyone but you.
    I found your podcast yesterday and listened to a few recent episodes, then saw the new title today and knew it was going to be worth while.
    After 12 years of being with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder, we are giving a test run at moving out of the bedroom into 24/7, and it is very helpful to hear other people’s experiences and challenges, especially in navigating mental health concerns.

  2. Mr. D. says:

    This was a very useful episode. Thank you.

    Something that might help a little at least with the “door thing” is to buy a lock box for your keys and mount it by the door. It has been a very useful tool in my home.

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