L’Amour Secret Unboxing and Review

If you’ve been here for a few minutes, you know I looooooove getting kinky fuckery in the mail. Even more when it’s a surprise, and every discovery is fun and exciting. So when L’Amour Secret asked us to review their subscription service (received in exchange for an honest review), of course I said yes!

Check our our video review and learn more about L’Amour Secret.

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About L’Amour Secret

  • L’Amour Secret is both a sex toy shop and a subscription service. You can buy toys individually or sign up for a monthly shipment.
  • To get the monthly box, take a survey to share your preferences first.
  • They curate the box for you based on your answers.
  • What we liked:
    • They thought of the small details — batteries, condoms, and lube.
    • The variety matched what we enjoy or would be willing to try.
    • Even though everything wasn’t a perfect fit, there was enough that we would use that it’s a fun box to receive.
  • What we didn’t love:
    • The survey is gender normative (although I think I said “heteronormative, and I don’t know why). It doesn’t leave room for people who are gender-fluid, non-binary, or transgender.
    • There was enough we wouldn’t use that the cost ($54.99 per month) wasn’t necessarily worth it.

If you’re new to sex toys, undecided about what you want to try, or feel adventurous, boxes like L’Amour Secret can be a fun way to explore. But if you have clear and definite preferences in sex toys, it might not work for you.

Want to know more? Shop L’Amour Secret.

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