Our Favorite Sex Toys: 2018 Edition

We started it on a whim a few years ago, and we’ve kept the tradition going since. It’s time for our episode on our favorite sex toys and kinky gear that we tried in 2018. We’ve timed it for the “official” start of the holiday season (aka Black Friday) so you can take advantage of any deals for any gear or toys you’re interested in. If we try any kinky toys in December and love them, those will be added to next year’s list.

**Affiliate links are included in the show notes below. If you click a link and buy a product, we make a small commission. It helps keep the site going and fuels our coffee addiction.**

In this episode:

  • Enter the Lodbrock Giveaway
  • We’ll be at the Woodshed’s Shopping Extravaganza in Orlando on December 1
  • Atom and Atom Plus — Hot Octopuss
  • Pocket Pulse — Hot Octopuss
  • Pink B.O.B. Wand Massager — Too Timid
  • Vick — Svakom
  • Pillory Set — Lodbrock
  • Collar and Cuffs — Oxyd Creations

Links from the show:

November 2018 Giveaway — Enter now!

Woodshed Shopping Extravaganza — details for December 1 event

Atom Plus Review • Buy it from Hot Octopuss (affiliate link)

Pocket Pulse Review • Buy it from Hot Octopuss (affiliate link)

Pink B.O.B. Wand Massager Review • Buy it from Too Timid

Vick Review • Buy it from Svakom

Pillory Set Review • View pillory set pictures on Stockroom (affiliate link)

Collar and Cuffs Review • Buy it from Oxyd Creations

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