Review: Collar and Cuffs from Oxyd Creations

John Brownstone and I are fairly picky about our BDSM gear. We like what we like, and most of what we like is leather. But when Oxyd Creations reached out and asked if we’d like to review their sustainable BDSM gear, we were intrigued.

We weren’t sure what to expect, and we took a chance and brought the collar and cuff they sent (in exchange for an honest review) to the dungeon. Instead of my usual purple and black leather set, we tried our new set from Oxyd Creations.

Watch our video review below and scroll down for pictures from the BDSM club (including a picture of me on the St. Andrew’s Cross).

Details from the review:

  • Oxyd Creation makes sustainable BDSM gear from recycled bicycle tubes and tires.
  • We didn’t notice a rubber smell. When someone asked (in the YouTube comments), I held it to my nose and took a whiff. There was an extremely faint rubber smell, but I only noticed it after burying my nose against the rubber.
  • The rubber is soft and it has a felt backing which was comfortable against my skin.
  • The rivets and rings are sturdy — believe me, I pulled against those cuffs during our scene.
  • I like a thinner collar, and this felt good around my neck.
  • The cuffs come with a clip so you can hook them together.
  • Oxyd Creation makes harnesses and does custom work. They also make vanilla products.
  • We’ll keep using our preferred purple and black leather collar and cuff set, but we definitely liked Oxyd’s work, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use this set again.
  • We’re putting Oxyd Creations on our list of recommended products — that’s how much we like them.

Pictures of collar and cuffs

(The straps in the picture hanging from the back of my head are from the blindfold we used.)

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Check out Oxyd Creations BDSM gear to learn more and shop!

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  1. Jay says:

    Came for a review of BDSM gear, ended up getting a much-needed new belt.

  1. January 3, 2020

    […] Collar and Cuffs Review • Buy it from Oxyd Creations […]

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