D/s Mindsets and Shutting Out the Vanilla World LB152

I’ll be honest…I didn’t know how to title this episode because we talk about a very nuanced topic that can mean something different for every D/s relationship. Basically, it’s about feeling your Dominant or submissive self when the vanilla world intrudes, but also tips on how to block out the vanilla world so you can reconnect as kinky people. It’s a wide ranging conversation, and one we’ve had in many forms on the podcast over the years.

In this episode:

  • Vanilla life will always be a part of our D/s life. It’s nearly impossible to completely shut out — unless you’re off the grid and in a bunker. I like Starbucks too much for that.
  • We have to learn to live with both and find ways to be our kinky selves in the middle of a vanilla world.
  • But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to create boundaries for ourselves so we can get into our kinky headspace.
  • Reasons why we need these boundaries
  • Ideas for how to achieve those boundaries

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  1. October 29, 2018
  2. December 5, 2018

    […] is this possible? Partly because we can shift back into a D/s mindset fairly easily. And partly because 24/7 D/s is about how you feel about each other as much as the […]

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