Why Dominants Need to Be Consistent LB151

In episode 151, we talk about a topic near and dear to John Brownstone’s heart — if you want to lead the relationship (as a Dominant), you need to be consistent.

In this episode:

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  • This week’s blog post talks about what happens when you’re consistent in your D/s relationship.
  • Why does consistency matter?
  • How can Dominants be more consistent?
  • What can submissives do if they’re not getting the consistency they need?
  • Why submissives also need to be consistent.
  • Consistency does not mean perfection. Life will get in the way. But it’s something to strive for.

Links from the show:

6 Reasons Why Being Consistent Matters in Your D/s Relationship (blog post)

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  1. March 4, 2019

    […] of validation of how I can find myself feeling/thinking at times. One such moment was the podcast Loving BDSM Podcast 151 – Why Dominants Need to be Consistent where they were talking about how Dom’s need to be consistent in relationships in order for the […]

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