Feeling Confident as a Dominant LB150

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we’re talking about confidence for Dominants — how normal it is to not be fully confident and how to become more confident. And also, ranting about why we need to stop expecting immediate confidence from Doms at all times and in all situations.

In this episode:

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  • This episode was suggested by Chintz Curtain on Twitter — thank you for the idea!
  • The blog post that goes with this episode is about things that new Dominants need to know — and one of those things revolves around confidence — getting it, maintaining it, and dealing with the lack of.
  • It’s normal not to feel confident — new or experienced.
  • Times when John Brownstone doesn’t feel confident.
  • How he overcomes it.
  • Time and experience helps anyone build confidence.
  • It’s okay to admit when you’re nervous.

Links from the show:

13 Things New Dominants Need to Know (blog post)

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  1. October 24, 2018

    […] In episode 150, we’re going to focus specifically on confidence in Dominance. Check it out! […]

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