D/s Can’t Fix a Broken Relationship LB147

Fair warning…this week’s topic brings out all of the ranting. Can D/s be an amazing thing in an imperfect relationship where both people want to and can make it work? Absolutely! Will D/s be the magic potion that fixes everything that’s wrong? Nope. Let’s talk about it.

In this episode:

  • D/s can enhance a relationship. It can even make it stronger and more resilient.
  • But D/s cannot fix a relationship already beyond repair.
  • We don’t always see how bad things are at first until we get very honest with ourselves.
  • It’s normal to want to fix the relationship and make it last.
  • But if both sides won’t put in the work required and aren’t willing to get real with themselves about their own shortcomings, D/s can’t fix it.
  • D/s might be perfect for your relationship but make sure it’s the right kind of dynamic and power exchange that fits you both. If you’re trying to fulfill a stereotype of what you think D/s is, you’re setting yourself up for difficult challenges.

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