How we managed to get so far and never discuss subspace as it’s own topic, I’ll never know. If you look below at the links, you’ll see all kinds of similar topics — drop, aftercare, etc. But now, after 140-plus episodes, we’re discussing the one thing people either don’t think is real OR they chase after it. Neither is quite right. As always, your mileage may vary, and everyone has their own perspective.

In this episode:

  • Still not sure how we got all this way and are just now doing an episode on subspace.
  • First truth — yes it’s real.
  • Second truth — not everyone experiences subspace.
  • Third truth — not everyone who goes into subspace will do it every time or just because they want to.
  • What does subspace feel like
  • Why consent and signals are important during subspace. Some kinksters, us included, tend to stop the scene.
  • Aftercare is important.

Links from the show:

Dealing with Drop for Subs and Doms (episode 39)

Dom Drop and Aftercare (episode 127)

Aftercare (episode 95)

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