Supporting Dominants Through Tough Moments LB144

Everyone (on either side of the slash) goes through tough moments. In a power exchange, it can be difficult to know how to help or what to do when you’re a submissive. This doesn’t mean Dominants shouldn’t or can’t support their submissives. Support should happen from both sides. A stereotype persists about how strong or stoic Doms are supposed to be,  which means submissives might not realize their Dom needs help, and Dominants might not easily accept help.

In this episode:

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  • Doms have a responsibility to “take care” of their submissives. That can be overt like in a Caregiver/little dynamic or something more subtle as in satisfying needs.
  • We’ve talked in the past about both sides having responsibilities to each other — as a healthy relationship and in D/s.
  • This is about when Doms (who often think they’re supposed to project an air of toughness) go through their own tough times and what it’s like to be the submissive helping them through it.

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Adding a Tough Love Clause to Your D/s Relationship (episode 9)

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