Assumptions and Communication in D/s Relationships LB143

This week’s topic isn’t exactly new, but we received enough messages with a common theme that we decided to talk about it again. It’s normal to make assumptions in life — even in D/s. What we need to do more often is challenge those assumptions. In our relationships, it’s often a communication issue. But in the BDSM lifestyle, it’s usually about what we consider “typical” even though there’s no such thing.

In this episode:

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  • You know what you get when you assume.
  • Most of the questions we get from people are based on assumptions they’re making — how their partner feels, how they think they should feel, or what they think is supposed to happen.
  • Never assume. Always ask.
  • Even after years together, you can still be wrong about what the other person wants, thinks, or needs.
  • When you find yourself thinking, “I’m sure they think/feel…” stop and talk to your partner.
  • The assumptions we make about what D/s is supposed to be like are just as bad. Sometimes those assumptions lead us down a path that’s not right for us.
  • There is no single right way for anything. There’s only what’s right for you and your relationship right now.

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5 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    I loved this episode so much. Man. I’m glad that you revisited the topic because the result was so amazing!
    Thanks for the episode!

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