Sex Toy Review: When Sex Toys Don’t Live Up to Expectations

We recently tried two sex toys from, and while we like the look and feel of the site, we weren’t too impressed with the toys. That’s unfortunate, but not uncommon. We might have had a better outcome if we’d done a bit of research first which ends up being our reminder in our video review:

From the video:

  • All the toys we received came from, an online retailer with a definite Caregiver/little vibe (specifically DD/lg). If you feel little and like to surround yourself with that feeling, this is a site to check out.
  • We received two of the three toys requested. (The other arrived after the video was made and will be reviewed in a separate video.) They were the Magic Wand Vibrator (not the Hitachi) — in purple (!!) and a pair of Yes, Daddy panties.
  • It didn’t go well. The quality of both products was not good, and while both could be made to work, it wasn’t the best experience ever.
  • The third missing toy (to be reviewed soon) is a glass tentacle dildo. We expect a better outcome with that because it’s such a simple toy.
  • Our main point focuses on the need to check reviews before you buy a sex toy. Choosing based on color or look might be common, but it doesn’t always mean you get a vibrator or any other toy that you’ll love.

2 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    Oof. I’m sorry that the toys kinda sucked 🙁
    Very useful advice for online shoppers, too. Always always always check reviews and do your research

  2. Thanks for the reviews and reminders!

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