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I took inspiration from John Brownstone for the latest Fit for Kink video. He wrote an incredible piece about dealing with his own body image issues and losing weight. Yes,  men feel that way, too.

Not only did he open my eyes a bit wider (because even I forget that we can all hate how we look), but he got me thinking. Because of course he did.

Highlights from this video:

  • We all deal with body image issues at some point, no matter how thin, fat, or in-between we are.
  • Mine began nearly from birth, but certainly in my teen years which is typical.
  • A bit of body dysmorphia is typical when you’ve carried a lot of weight or still feel insecure as the weight comes off.
  • Use different tips and tricks to help see the progress even when your eyes lie to you:
    • Pictures
    • Tape measure
    • The size of your clothes
    • What people tell you
    • Your fitness progress
  • And since we’re kinky around here, let whether you can do the BDSM and kink things you’ve wanted to do be a sign. Sometimes our minds and eyes trick us, so we’ve got to outsmart ourselves and use other tools.

4 Responses

  1. julie says:

    oh gosh…this is a thing. i’ve been dysphoric/dysmorhpic most of my life, and while there are some tangible things i can feel, it’s hard for me to get past the disconnect between where i’ve been and where i am right now.

    i’m lucky my partners are supportive…especially Miss, who is helping me with checkins and accountability things.

    it’s still so hard.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      It IS hard but supportive people in our lives can make a big difference. ((HUGS))

      • julie says:

        it’s true.
        it’s a long road to self-acceptance. i wish the work was easier, even though i know that things that can be worth it are usually hard.

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