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For the record, to avoid confusion, I’m talking about “cheating” on your diet or fitness program — not your partner. Just before we went out of town, I recorded a video for our Fit for Kink series to discuss the idea of cheating or, at least, letting up on your program when you go on vacation, visit family, or are in situations where you don’t always control your food.

Oh, and at the top I refer to it as a “quick” video, and 13 minutes is quick for me, so it’s still an accurate statement.

In the video:

  • Let’s not call them “cheat” days because that implies we’re doing something wrong.
  • Better to consider these moments “indulgences” instead.
  • Some people can’t handle an entire day of cheating or going off their plan. Maybe allow yourself a small indulgence.
  • Few programs work if you have to be super-strict every moment of the day.
  • Yes, on a ketogenic diet you can indulge. I tend to drink more diet sodas and have more coffee with more heavy cream. Note: After this past weekend, I also realized that I wasn’t as strict on my calorie counting, although I still ate according to my plan.
  • Fitness might go out the window, but that’s okay, too. “Cheat” days aren’t just for food (for some people).
  • The whole point of getting fit for kink is to change your lifestyle to match your lifestyle — or the lifestyle you want to have. If you’re on a plan that never allows you to loosen up a little, it’s going to be hard to stick to.
  • If you do go a little wild with your cheats and indulgences, start again the next day. Try not to dwell on what’s happened. Move forward. Beating yourself up over it isn’t productive.

Now it’s your turn. How do you handle “cheat” days? Do you even call them that? What are your indulgences or do you find it’s easier just to stick to your plan? Share in the comments below or talk to us on Twitter!


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  1. Clara says:

    I loved your video so much!! I’ve been surrounded by dieting for a lot of my life, and there’s so much out there about weight loss. It’s all super confusing. You were super helpful, thanks so much

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